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Model For Sale


You too can own a '63 Split Window



Member Bruce Kolovson asked to send this to the club if any interest. Please see the links attached.

 The owner of this car is asking $95. Jay is just looking for a reasonable offer. 



From Bruce:  A coworker of Sue’s (Jay) has one of these and is looking to sell it. He asked Sue today about reaching out to the club. Would you mind emailing our members to see if there is any interest? 



 Bruce Kolovson via membership list...

Rims For Sale


EMCC Special


A set of OEM chrome Z51 wheels, tires and sensors that came off my 2015.  They were on the car for one year and have 4k miles on them.  No need for pics.  They are in PERFECT condition.  They come w/o the center caps but I can provide four plain chrome aftermarket caps.  I was keeping them in case I traded the car but I love the car so much it will never be sold or traded by me.  I would love to keep them anyway but the wife asked if I could please get them out of the basement so here ya go.  If they don’t sell as a set I will sell them individually to folks who need a OEM wheel and tire to replace a damaged one.  Thanks,  Mike

barringtonri@cox.net or (401) 578-4354. 

Information for the Tires for Sale

Tire Information (jpg)